Celebrate my birthday party pinky night. XD

Firstly, thanks to mama cause sponsor my birthday. You're the special people in my life, mama :) Saya sangat menyayangi mama saya. A special cake from my brother and sister in law, thank you sebab belanja :) 3.9. 2011, party pinky night yaya mohamad :)

Thanks a lot, nudzul danial faris. Awak bukan orang pertama wish birthday saya, tapi yang terakhir. Yang terakhir dan yang paling special for me. Thanks for give the special presents, flower bud, necklace and earring. I love you forever, hate you never. Thanks once again for the suprise and pakaikan saya rantai tuu. I don't forget this sweet moment forever. I really appreciate it babyyyy. I would never ever try to replace you with someone better cause for me, you're the best I can get in my whole life. XD

 Those yang give me the presents and coming for my birthday party, thanks. I get that a lot and so cute presents from you guys. I heart you all. Those yang wish happy birthday dalam facebook, and twitter, thanks. I get that a lot. Sorry guys, tak dapat nak reply one by one. Penat jari-jemari ku. heeeee.

Thanks, love you all. :)

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