Its hurts :(

I'm thinking of you because you're the reason myheart its hurts :( I'm sorry if i get jealous and angry when privacy person girl messages kat awak dan awak membalasnya. Walaupun hanya dua kali awak reply messages tuu, i feels so hurts okay! Am i wrong i get jealous and angry? Thats you know, my heart is made from glass, it can broken easily and is very hard to fix :'( Please don't break my heart anymore. Its very hurts! Saya tahu, saya tak dapat nak buktikan cinta saya dekat awak. Tapi dengan cemburu dan kemarahan saya terhadap awak itulah bukti cinta saya dekat awak. Believe me thats i love you so much. Where i go, what i do, I'm never ignoring you. If i losing my love weally weally sucks `-.- In my heart, you are the one. But in your heart, am i the only one? I'm scared! Now, when i'm thinking of you i'm starting to cry, i'm obviously not okay, so stop asking and stop talking with me :'( 
I'm hurts, yaya 

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